Posted by: jaiseo87 | October 9, 2010

Best way to build Quality Links

Hello friends, mostly person Ask that how to build quality links. according to me. the best way to get quality links from live Webmaster which are online in internet. you can take links from live webmaster only follow link criteria which i describe my previous post here

this is best way to build good quality link in very short term without time wasting.

I say frankly some of SEO people wasting time to searching manual link exchange resource and sending message for Link Exchagne Request. this is proper time wasting, i clarify all thing how we do time wasting in these manual link exchange request.

Process To Manual finding resource.

FIRST we search theme related site (According to me 80 resource searching in 5 hrs)

SECOND we will search ID of webmaster of site.

THIRD we will check which id we will take this is proper for link exchange or not.

FORTH we will create a mail for link exchange request.

FIVE we will send link exchange request to ID.

SIX we will check mails in next day which ID favor in our link exchange with our site..

So in this process you see that our lots of hours spending on this task (8 hours above ) and what you will get from this thing.  .  NOTHING only you will get 2-3 links which have mostly PR N/A. when you will get links from N/A so how you get good Keywords ranking in Search Engine.

Also if your site link page is N/A so this is totally time wasting process for your site.

So my suggestion that Manual Link Exchange request useful for your little traffic only not for link buidling . Because from manual link exchange request some people browse your site and you will get one visitor. 🙂

Solutions How to Get High Page Rank Link In Very Short Time.

I say already some of webmaster online in the internet. he is helping to build quality link building for you. only see my previous post link criteria and do link exchange with online webmaster within some hours you will get good page rank links (PR 1+) for your website and very soon you will get good ranking in search engine. this is saving your hours process and quality work process also you will make more links for your other site.

This is my blog :

i have done some high page rank links (pr1+) for this site from 2 anchor text with online webmasters.

Anchor Text:  Link Exchange Information

Search Result is : 109,000,000

Anchor Text:  Link Exchange Info

Search Result is : 119,000,000

Now my these 2 keywords coming on 1st rank in Google. if you don’t believe so please check my these 2 keywords.

If you have any question regarding this topic so you can send me msg direct on my this id :

Thanks & Regards

Jai ram


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