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Type of Link Building

Three Type Of Link Building

  1. One way Link Building
  2. Two way Link Building
  3. Three Way Link Building

Describe of ways of link building

  • One way link Building– One way link building si mean that u only add a link on a site. the one way link building is very hard for link building campaing but mostly webmaster to create one way link from like three way linking that mean he take a link of another person and give link to another person.

One way link building    A add link of  B. but B not add of our site.

  • Two way link building-two way means reciprocal link building. he ways  of simple in link building campain. one person get a link to othere site and give link ot our site so that is simple and easy way of link building.

Two way link building    A person take a link of B, and B take a link of A                   A add link of B     B add link of A

  • Three way link building– three way link building is mean that a add link of b but b add link of a but another site.

three way link building  A add link of B    B add link of A but not B site B add link of c site

These type of link building

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Link Exchange

Hello friend,

I know that LInk exchange is popular service our IT field. so I do create this blog all of link builder friend which his job link builder and my blog help seo field becouse link building is generate more and more traffice to site so  this blog to informartions about link building mean how to link exchange, i have keep all thing of link builder that who link builder best performance and any link to learn about link building.


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