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Best way to build Quality Links

Hello friends, mostly person Ask that how to build quality links. according to me. the best way to get quality links from live Webmaster which are online in internet. you can take links from live webmaster only follow link criteria which i describe my previous post here

this is best way to build good quality link in very short term without time wasting.

I say frankly some of SEO people wasting time to searching manual link exchange resource and sending message for Link Exchagne Request. this is proper time wasting, i clarify all thing how we do time wasting in these manual link exchange request.

Process To Manual finding resource.

FIRST we search theme related site (According to me 80 resource searching in 5 hrs)

SECOND we will search ID of webmaster of site.

THIRD we will check which id we will take this is proper for link exchange or not.

FORTH we will create a mail for link exchange request.

FIVE we will send link exchange request to ID.

SIX we will check mails in next day which ID favor in our link exchange with our site..

So in this process you see that our lots of hours spending on this task (8 hours above ) and what you will get from this thing.  .  NOTHING only you will get 2-3 links which have mostly PR N/A. when you will get links from N/A so how you get good Keywords ranking in Search Engine.

Also if your site link page is N/A so this is totally time wasting process for your site.

So my suggestion that Manual Link Exchange request useful for your little traffic only not for link buidling . Because from manual link exchange request some people browse your site and you will get one visitor. 🙂

Solutions How to Get High Page Rank Link In Very Short Time.

I say already some of webmaster online in the internet. he is helping to build quality link building for you. only see my previous post link criteria and do link exchange with online webmaster within some hours you will get good page rank links (PR 1+) for your website and very soon you will get good ranking in search engine. this is saving your hours process and quality work process also you will make more links for your other site.

This is my blog :

i have done some high page rank links (pr1+) for this site from 2 anchor text with online webmasters.

Anchor Text:  Link Exchange Information

Search Result is : 109,000,000

Anchor Text:  Link Exchange Info

Search Result is : 119,000,000

Now my these 2 keywords coming on 1st rank in Google. if you don’t believe so please check my these 2 keywords.

If you have any question regarding this topic so you can send me msg direct on my this id :

Thanks & Regards

Jai ram

Posted by: jaiseo87 | October 9, 2010

What is Quality Backlinks?

hello friend, i writing this post regarding what is quality backlinks? According to me Some of factor in quality backlinks like

  • Under 80-100 Out bond links page
  • Link should be theme related( like if your dentist so your site theme is health, medical)
  • Proper anchor text if possible so please put also description.
  • Page rank ( PR 0+ , Not N/A )
  • Link should be live for minimum 3 month.

IF these quality you will take links so i think you will get good keywords ranking within short time.

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How To Get More Backlinks

Everyone Want his site backlinks grown day by day with very fast speed. Because everyone want good keywords ranking in search engines specially For GOOGLE.

Google Keywords Ranking depend of Numbers of links with quality. quality means theme matic links. which are relevant from your theme.

Link Building Is very hardwork for your site. You also can pick a Company for link building work. I recommended you Cheap Link Building Company India he will given you best Link Building services For you.

But IF you intersted from yourself so you can do Relevant Blog Commenting, forum posting, Manual link exchange, and best Directory Submission For your Submission work.

I will Suggest For Big Company using some link building company you can choose PR 0 and PR 1 campaign only relevant Backlinks. This is best For your Google Linking. If you want to see result in Only 3 months.

Posted by: jaiseo87 | August 2, 2009

Best way Increase backlinks

Many of way how to increase back link. But i have 4 year expernice in Web promotion field.
So i found the best way of increase backlinks in very short time.


fOR increase backlink. if you have any site and you want to promote this site in very short time
so just link exchange your site realted blogs but all link exchange in DOFOLLOW.

SO YOU SEE IN VERY SHORT TIME your site back link is GROWING and your all keyword are ranking in
every Search engine like google,yahoo, msn.

So realted Blogs link exchange is a great way to rank your site in very short time.

Posted by: jaiseo87 | June 21, 2009

Best way of link exchange

Hello everyone,

I am jai .every one know that link building is a fast way to get link popularity for your sites. so i have some suggestion for link exchange. how to easy link exchange for you. 

You can use chat, forum and instant directory. 

I think chat way is very easy for fresher link builder so you use chat way for link exchange.

If you have no link builder Ids so you go in this site and take thousands of webmasters ids.

If you want to know any question for link building so you contact my Gmail Id


have a nice day

Posted by: jaiseo87 | March 2, 2009

Manual Link Exchange

If you are not know that manual link building so i explain you that manual link building is doing throw of mailing. mean link buidling throw of what to do? so explian some tips to doing manual. if know about google so what ur theme exp… your theme is internet and you can doing link buidling throw of mailing so you use this text to use

internet+”link  page”

so google many site show and you go in every pages and take a id or webmaster and mailing his.


Posted by: jaiseo87 | December 8, 2008

how to get link builder chat id

If u r a fresher in link builder so u have need more and more chat freind
which so easy of link building. so if u have no more id of webmaster so
you use forum to search link builder chat id like this
You login in and go to

Forum jumb and click
link exchange and u go all thread in this forum so get u more chat id
of link builder.

Posted by: jaiseo87 | November 23, 2008

how to search Instant sites

Instant sites mean you fill one form and ur link added on instant site. yes many more webmaster or link builder to use instant site to complete project of link building campaing instant site use ful or webmaster but not use full seo bez every seo know that only relevent link are useful to page rank of site so instant site is a black hat seo trick google is a big search engine and he see all the site which site his relevent link and quality link and get pr the site.

instant site are use ful for link building project. If u r intersted to instant site so i can say u that u search the instant site u want which theme if u want health realted instant site so u type this in google.

health ” submit site”

health ” add link”

health ” add a link”    etc…….


Posted by: jaiseo87 | November 11, 2008

Type of Quality Links

If U dont know that what are quality links so i have explain some of every link builder.

  • The link are theme base
  • low outbond
  • high per

this type link are a quality link building.

Posted by: jaiseo87 | October 26, 2008

How do link building In world

Doing Link building throw of Mailing , chating, use Instant sites, and in the future forum and blog use to link building ways this type of very useful way of link building.

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